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Thread: Maltformed fronts from pdf in Firefox and Evince

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    Maltformed fronts from pdf in Firefox and Evince


    I'm struggling with Ubuntu 21.10 and HP Deskjet 5075. I'm not able to correctly print some pdf files (probably only the ones with extraordinary fonts) from applications, which shares the common print dialog like evince or firefox. Part of some characters (like upper H or upper M) is not printed at all.

    What is strange - everything works fine when I'm printing from google-chrome or hp-toolbox. I've added the printer using hp-setup (so I'm assuming, that it should works the same way in hp-toolbox or using hp-print as it works in firefox/evince).

    How can I make it work with my favourite apps?

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    Re: Maltformed fronts from pdf in Firefox and Evince

    I wonder if the PDFs that do not print correctly are including some fonts that are not installed on your machine.

    I am simply guessing here, but I believe that PDF files, depending on how they were created, may simply be an image file which should render like any other image, or may have text embedded in the file; if your system does not have that font the rendering may be difficult or impossible.

    However, that doesn't really explain why those same PDFs will print from Chrome or some other applications but not from the one you prefer to use
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