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Thread: Lenovo v145-15AST screen not working

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    Exclamation Lenovo v145-15AST screen not working

    Hello all,

    Recently, i installed Ubuntu version 21.10 on my Lenovo v145-15AST and it is no longer able to display a coherent image to the built-in display unless it is on the lock screen.

    The only thing the computer is able to display to the main screen is this image, with the black part on the right repeatedly flashing grey and black. However on an external HDMI display this issue is not present.

    On Windows 10, which my device shipped to me with, there were no such issues, so this is most likely not a hardware fault, rather it could be a driver error. However, being new to Linux, i am unsure of how to remedy this problem.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Lenovo v145-15AST screen not working

    I have this exact problem in Ubuntu 20.04. The system used to work properly but now I have to do multiple boots to get the desktop visible. If screensaver goes on, the display breaks again and I need to reboot.

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