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Thread: Question about Reading and Understanding System Log Ubuntu 20.04

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    Re: Question about Reading and Understanding System Log Ubuntu 20.04

    Quote Originally Posted by bhubunt View Post
    This to me looks like my laptop connected to a server?"
    Could this be the X/Client talking to the X/Server?

    Some background follows ...

    X or X11 or X/Windows (those are synonyms) uses a client-server architecture. The server runs on the system we side behind and gets connections and requests to handle from clients (X/clients or X-apps). Almost every GUI program on any Unix/Linux system is an X-app, so it needs an X/server to actually be displayed. The fact that the client and the server can run on the same physical device doesn't matter. They don't need to. The confusion comes from the reverse nature of this client-server setup. Most of the time, the "server" is remote and the client is on our machine ... that's how a website works. They run a web-server and we connect from our browsers (the client). X works backwards to that normal way.

    X/Windows has been around since the 1980s and it has been the de-facto standard for all Linux/Unix display programs and desktops. It has a number of flaws or "features" depending on your perspective. Some of the main "features" fixed in the replacement are screen capture and video capture. A team of Linux-centric people, many from the X11 development team, have been working on a replacement for the last 10 yrs or so. That's called Wayland.

    Wayland is still a client-server architecture, but the server and local programs try to avoid the network-agnostic layers of X11 and try to be very fast when everything runs on the same machine. There is an Xwayland that tries to make it so remote X-client (X-apps) can still be used. Wayland has some issues and "fixes" some security issues that have been part of X11 forever. They broke most screen and video capture programs, for example, by closing a security flaw in X11.

    Anyways, there's a wikipedia page on X/Windows that does a better job at explaining.

    So the first, basic, question is which display system are you using, Wayland or X11? In 17.10, Canonical made Wayland the default, with X11 a backup. That didn't go well. Wayland wasn't ready for many needs. In 20.04, Wayland became the default, with an automatic X11 fallback if Wayland failed. There are probably easier ways to determine which is actually being used, but inxi is just so handy ...
    $ inxi -G
    Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA GP108 [GeForce GT 1030]
               Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.20.8 ) driver: nvidia
               Resolution: 1920x1200@59.95hz
               OpenGL: renderer: N/A version: N/A
    I'm using X11 with a native nvidia driver. I'm sure there are environment variables for WAYLAND which would be easy to check. If you do everything local on the same machine and don't need screen capture/video capture or some X-specific automation tools (xdotool, cnee), then Wayland should be a little faster (to many times faster) than X11. Lots of the problem programs are being ported to Wayland. Many tools will never be ported, however.

    I doubt most of that was actually helpful. Just background.

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    Re: Question about Reading and Understanding System Log Ubuntu 20.04

    Thanks, TheFu, for the clarification. I am still learning about Ubuntu, at this point...

    Holger, thanks so much for your elucidations about the one node network and the X-server cookies. That is very helpful to know.

    I wonder if you'd have time to explain the following lines as well.

    -Stopped Network Manager wait online
    -Stopped Network Name Resolution
    -Stopping WPA Supplicant (Wifi Protected Access)

    From googling entries on the WPA supplicant, it seemed to me that this feature is not a standard component of the Ubuntu 20.04 OS but rather needs to be added or activated by me?
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