I have ordered (my friend has the same, so I know it works even if its some Chinese part, and his is working, seen it live) a PCIe card that takes 2 M.2 and has a SATA 6gb/s slot on it too. I already have a WD Red 500gb SATA 6gb/s SSD but I haven't installed it yet, I want all of the parts for my plans to get home. Plus I don't have 6gb/s ports available right now, my mobo only has 2, but it has 4 3gb/s ports, too bad there's no such thing as converters for these. Anyways, once it arrives, I will plug it in my unused, second x16 PCIe port, put on a Corsair 500gb NVME M.2 drive on it, leave the second slot empty for now (those things are expensive if one wants at least 500gb, ouch) and then plug the WD Red SATA SSD to the SATA port that's on the card.

Will these be possible to setup as RAID and have them work together, or that would slow it down to the NAND SSD (WD Red)'s speed? I imagine the latter is the most likely since it maxes out at 560mbps at reading and 530 at writing or such? Or is there a RAID mode that would be able to somehow deal with it and have data that's on the Corsair NVME M.2 drive work the speed it's supposed to go at (over 3000/MBs) and what ends up on the SATA SSD work at its own speed yet have it show as one 1TB SSD drive while in Ubuntu (MATE)?

Thank you and have a good Friday!