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Thread: After kernel update no zfs

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    Re: After kernel update no zfs

    Quote Originally Posted by MAFoElffen View Post
    I have been following this thread and reading it's progress, and I am sort of lost. Darkod and a few others have asked if this was a System76 Machine... The Op said he needed System76 modules, but really didn't answer directly if it was..

    I have a to ask again: Is this Sysem76 hardware?
    For me yes it is. I think I'm going to get a frameworks laptop next time ...

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    Re: After kernel update no zfs

    So it is System76, which came with POP!OS... which on Linux Kernel 5.15.5-76051505-generic, it was reported on POP!OS, that it was a bad build, and was missing the ZFS modules in the build...

    What does you system say if you do
    uname -a
    lsb_release -a
    It seemed that other POP!OS users had that problem also... But also noted that in Ubuntu, on Ubuntu's 'released' kernels that they were there... Which Ubuntu has not released a Kernel build for 5.15.x yet.
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