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Thread: Can't Uninstall PCSX2

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    Can't Uninstall PCSX2

    I know this is about PCSX2 but since it's still on Ubuntu. But anyways I need help with uninstalling PCSX2 from my laptop. I am currently running the latest version of Ubuntu at the moment of me typing this. I'm a complete newbie to Linux literally just installed it today and I was trying to use PCSX2 but no matter what I do I couldn't get it to recognize my Xbox controller. I am running verison 1.7.0-0 GIT and before making this post I did look up on how to uninstall it and every time I entered in the command it told me too. It kept saying I didn't have it on my computer even though I do. I just need help with uninstalling it.

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    Re: Can't Uninstall PCSX2

    Sounds messy, will you post back the return for:
    dpkg -L pcsx2
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    Re: Can't Uninstall PCSX2

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    I guess there are four ways to install pcsx2.
    (to list them they would be through apt, snap, flatpak or source)

    Where did you install it from?
    (Or how did you install it?)
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