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I don't hate sssd, I just do not see the point to using it with Samba. From Samba 4.8.0 you must run winbind, so you have to configure sssd and Samba, you also have to use idmap-sss (part of sssd). It is much easier to just use Samba, just smb.conf to configure, plus you get all the things that sssd doesn't do, shares, ACL's etc.
I had setups with winbind before, and the amount of stuff I had to configure was the same or more than using sssd. sssd allows me to use shares and ACLs, I had it working perfectly in 3 servers. I have no idea what happened to make them stop.

If you know a setup with winbind where I can block NTLM please I'm accepting recomendations, I left winbind because of security.