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Thread: cmaker version error

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    Angry cmaker version error

    Hey, take a look at the following snippet.

    Although the version is it wont work. Is there a 0ubuntu3 subversion? Because there is no such in

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    cmake-curses-gui : Depends: cmake (=
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
    build have failed
    ivan@ubuntu:/openairinterface5g/cmake_targets$ command cmake --versioncmake version
    Thank you, ignore the crossed line!
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    Re: cmaker version error

    Welcome to the forum, please provide some information about your Ubuntu version and what exactly you are trying to install.
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    Re: cmaker version error

    It's very old, like from 14.04 or so.
    Also, the packages themselves are outdated from the last versions available for 14.04.
    (Last version I see was, so it's the version that the system wants isn't even available if you try.)

    Is there a 0ubuntu3 subversion? Because there is no such in
    The extra string is Ubuntu build specific, and not anything cmake upstream cares about.

    Is there any specific reason to use such an old release of Ubuntu?
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    Re: cmaker version error

    The version of Ubuntu is 14.04,
    i am using such an old version because of the package incompatibility with the latest Ubuntu versions.
    The packet Im trying to download is OpenAirSoftware5g located here...

    Looking forward for your reply, Thank you

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    Re: cmaker version error

    I fixed the issue just by reinstalling Ubuntu, I am not sure how did it work but well it did! thank you guys.

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