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Thread: Volla phone with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch

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    Volla phone with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch

    Hi everybody,

    I've been reading about the Volla Phone, which you can buy on the Indiegogo plateform for 359 euros.
    It comes with Ubuntu Touch or Volla OS pre-installed. They speak a lot about privacy, VPNs (virtual
    private network), etc.

    So they won't track me. Fine. But what about the phone network operator? I would still need a SIM
    card, wouldn't I ? I mean, to get a phone number and to be able to make and receive phone calls. So
    what about that tracking ?

    Orange, or "Free", or whatever, need to know where the phone is, otherwise they can't send a signal
    to it to make it ring when someone calls me. And they keep logs. How could a VPN possibly stop that?

    I'm really puzzled about that concept of a privacy-protecting phone. Is there anyone here who has a
    Volla Phone and who could give me a bit more information, so I could decide whether to buy one or
    not, please?

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    Re: Volla phone with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch

    Thread moved to Mobile Technology Discussions. which is more appropriate and a better fit.


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