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Thread: Problema al descomprimir archivos .rar

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    Problema al descomprimir archivos .rar

    Buenas noches.

    Tengo un problema muy raro. Estoy corriendo Ubuntu 20.04, y al querer descomprimir un .rar de 258kb, el archivo resultante extraido termina pesando 58 gb! Cual es la explicacion para esto? Si alguien tine alguna ayuda se lo agradezo

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    Re: Problema al descomprimir archivos .rar

    Welcome to the forum!

    Next time you post here please use English, we are more likely to understand your problem even from badly broken English written by a human than from a google-translation of a well written post in another language.

    So - unless Google has messed up the translation - you're surprised by a 258kb rar archive getting uncompressed into several Gigabytes ? This is quite normal for highly redundant data. For example a megabyte of bytes with the value 0 will compress to less than three hundred bytes using xz (another compression tool).



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