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Thread: IDrive backup alternatives for Ubuntu?

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    IDrive backup alternatives for Ubuntu?

    I've been using IDrive for years. Recently, after a reboot, it stopped running automatically overnight. That's not unusual; the system to restart it after a reboot has never worked right. IDrive on Linux is actually a bunch of somewhat flaky shell scripts. But this time, going through the account setup process doesn't fix the problem. Manual backups still work. IDrive support can't figure this out. Now they want remote desktop access to my machines to snoop around. I refused.

    • Is anyone else seeing recent IDrive problems?
    • What's a good alternative to IDrive?

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    Re: IDrive backup alternatives for Ubuntu?

    My only thought is if you have a spare machine, set it up like your problem machine. If it displays the same problem, let iDrive support remote into the new machine which should contain no personal information. As for alternatives to iDrive, dropbox comes to mind immediately. pCloud is a service I've read about but have no hands-on experience. pCloud does appear to support Linux.

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