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Thread: INTERNET USAGE in ubbuunntu

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    Post INTERNET USAGE in ubbuunntu

    Is there any way to watch my internet usage for daily and monthly way.
    I am currently using UBUNTU 20.04 version
    I am a new user to this OS really confused about how the things works here.
    hoping someone will help me here

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    Re: INTERNET USAGE in ubbuunntu

    If you want to track network traffic, I think the top two items here may be the most common.

    That's network traffic in and out of the machine, but I don't know that you'd be able to tease out internet traffic without a bit of fuss.

    Your modem/gateway would probably be the best bet for internet traffic. For that, you'd probably need to read the OEM's user manual to learn how. You might also be able to get a report from your ISP by logging in to your account.
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