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Thread: Constant Freeze on Kubuntu

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    Constant Freeze on Kubuntu

    I have a computer with Kubuntu 21.10 recently updated from 21.04. Since I installed 21.04, teh system constant freezes and crashes randomly, most part of the times qhen I'm play some Steam game or watching videos on Chromium or VLC.

    When the system freezes I try restart by REISUB before hold the power button, sometimes works fine and sometimes doesn't, when REISUB works, it is possible to catch different errors on journalctl log.

    I tried change to Wayland but didn't resolve the problem, just stopped to happen constantly.

    This log happened before I update to 21.10

    All logs above happened after Update to 21.10


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    Re: Constant Freeze on Kubuntu

    Moved to General Help.

    Kubuntu is an official flavor in the Ubuntu family. Questions about Kubuntu should not be in Other OS sub-forums.
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