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Thread: Streaming video from xubuntu 21.04

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    Streaming video from xubuntu 21.04

    I have a video in mkv format which my Panasonic smart tv is supposed to be able to play but cannot - file not supported error.

    I can stream the file the the tv using a usb stick formatted exFAT connected to my Samsung mobile phone but it only plays part of the file before repeating in a loop.

    The file plays on my pc using VLC but only sound. Using Parole Media Player it plays correctly on the pc.

    Is there a way to stream the video directly from my pc to the tv?

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    Re: Streaming video from xubuntu 21.04

    mkv is a container. It can hold a lot of different formats, some of which your TV may not support. To see exactly what type of video/audio the file contains, use mediainfo:
    mediainfo filename
    Also, double check your TV's manual on which formats it supports. What model number is your Panasonic TV?


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