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Thread: Panel not showing properly?

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    Panel not showing properly?

    At the top of the page, my browser tabs are hidden behind the panel. Also the icons on the panel are aligned left instead of right.

    I have click on Panel Preferences to fix first point. But it soon goes again back to it's original state.

    I wish my computer would do what I want it to do - not what I tell it to do.

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    Re: Panel not showing properly?

    For the panel items, you need to open Panel Preferences and add Separators where they are needed. See screenshot. The one after Window Buttons has the 'Expand' box checked in it's Appearance settings. You get its Appearance Settings dialog when you click the Edit button after selecting the Separator. Then you can set the 'Expand' option. That option pushes everything else to the left and right as far as possible.

    I'm not sure about the overlap. maybe set it to 'Never' hide if it's not.
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