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Thread: Does Ubuntu leak location or time-zone?

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    Re: Does Ubuntu leak location or time-zone?

    I'm not worried about software updates giving away my location. That's because I stay within the Canonical Repos for all the software that I can with very, very, few exceptions. Many of those exceptions are using PPAs hosted by Canonical. Let's be serious, if we don't trust Canonical, then we shouldn't be running Ubuntu, right?
    Your ISP knows where you are better than anyone else. That pesky "service address" in their records. Whether your ISP shares that information with 3rd parties or not is a crap shoot.

    KTM TZ is odd (to me). I spent some time there. It is 15 minutes off from the Indian TZ, just to be different. It is one of the few places in the world where I never worried about taxi drivers padding the meter or being unhappy with the price. Some cities, it just isn't safe to drive for non-locals. KTM is one of those. They have an entire language of car horn beeping.

    BTW, you do know that you don't need to use any GUI to control the TZ for your system.
    Use tzselect to pick one. Of course, the DE can choose to ignore this - I don't use any DE, so it isn't an issue. An easy way to set the TZ for the entire system is:
    echo "TZ='Asia/Kathmandu'" | sudo tee /etc/timezone
    If you want to look at cities around the world, /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Kathmandu is an example, but all for the OS are under /usr/share/zoneinfo/.
    There's a wikipedia article on timezone data that could be interesting for some people. There are mainly 2 people who maintain these files for everyone else.
    GPSd has a similar story. There is 1 guy in Nebraska that maintains the gpsd code ... that will fail tomorrow if it was updated during a bad 2yr period. Older versions are find. Newer versions are fine. And the requisite XKCD cartoon: Just think of all the cars on the roads with GPS that haven't been updated, but got the bad code.
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