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Thread: New Installation from DVD ISO failing?

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    Re: New Installation from DVD ISO failing?

    Quote Originally Posted by guiverc View Post
    FYI: @ml9104, you'll find the Snap Daemon starting on Lubuntu media too; all Ubuntu ISOs have it as it's on the Ubuntu base system that needs to be there. Lubuntu has no snaps; but the [mandated] infrastructure is present. Ubiquity's replacement installer will be a snap (Lubuntu has no intention of switching from `calamares` though)
    Interesting. I've never noticed snap during installation and I'm surprised that it would already pop up at boot time.

    And thanks for the heads-up, making snap a mandatory feature would make me look elsewhere for a distro. I hate it.
    I like the Calamares installer, it's nice to work with.

    Concerning media: I've never had a DVD fail yet, but yes, it does take 3...4 minutes to live boot, but so do my USB-sticks. Probably because my interfaces are USB 2.1.
    The reliability of the USB-sticks is IME way below the DVDs, several have failed. Too much cheap electronic junk out there.


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    Re: New Installation from DVD ISO failing?

    I don't have optical drives anymore, but I've been having issues getting my Ventoy flash drive to boot on a new Ryzen system built this week. I haven't gotten to the point of doing an install - need to update some NVMe firmware first, but I'm not doing something right. I think it is related to UEFI vs Legacy. I'm getting an error for trying to boot an FreeDOS -based ISO under a UEFI boot. Ventoy has a way to address that, but it isn't working. I did create the flash drive with just that single ISO on it, but that didn't immediately boot in legacy mode either. I'm sleeping on the problem. Right no, the older OS is running and all the services it provides are working - it isn't really a desktop, so the basic igpu is perfectly fine. Is is mainly an NFS, Calibre, mpd, with a few virtual machines (nextcloud, wallabag, an IRC bouncer) and Jellyfin/Plex media server accessed by other clients around the house.

    The current OS doesn't use UEFI. It also doesn't really support the new GPU, so this is a perfect time to do a fresh install and use UEFI.

    So, I'd ask if you are 100% certain that Legacy or UEFI is required for this system and for the Ubuntu ISOs. I think the normal Gnome3 Ubuntu ISO supports both UEFI and legacy boot, but I don't know about the other one you tried. I ended up disallowing all UEFI in the BIOS settings everywhere I could find them to get the old OS to boot. Basically, I swapped the MB+CPU underneath everything else in the system - changed from a Pentium to a Ryzen5, then wanted the system to boot and work. The first boot on the new system took way to long to get working - so many BIOS settings. Then magically, it all started working - and I honestly don't know which setting(s) made that possible.

    I've had a number of home-burned DVDs fail over the decades. Often, the bits just start disappearing after about 5 yrs. For anything really important, I burn par2 parity files with the data/files. At least then, I'll know that corruption happened. A few times, those par2 files have provided sufficient information to recover data off a failing disc. explains how.

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