I've been running Ubuntu with KDE Plasma installed for a while, planning to just swap to Kubuntu to clean things up since I discovered I prefer KDE. Last week, while running Ubuntu, I disconnected my laptop from my bargain USB C hub with two monitors plugged into it. Normally it's a bit weird trying to get it to work again when I plug things back in, usually I need to reboot and maybe fiddle with plugging in and removing the hub to get the monitors, keyboard, etc, to work. When I plugged the laptop back in, I got the monitors to both work once or twice but the layout and labeling seemed off (when I hit the identify button my large screen would tell me it was the laptop screen, for example). Unfortunately, after a number of reboots it just stopped working on both external monitors (simultaneously) entirely. I went ahead and installed Kubuntu since I'd been planning to do so anyway, but unfortunately I'm still only able to get one external monitor and the laptop screen to work at a time. If I plug both monitors into the USB C hub, neither works. If I remove one, the one plugged in works until I plug the other one into the HDMI plug on the laptop, then neither works again. I've been using Linux for about a decade but it's been super simple most of the time and I usually revert to just reinstalling if anything gets too weird, but unfortunately the Kubuntu install didn't fix it and I'm stuck here with a dead monitor. It's not a world-ender if I can't get both external monitors to work, but it really crimps my ability to watch video while on the clock doing work on the smaller monitor so... obviously this is critical for my mental health lol. I need help!