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Thread: Windows 10 was owned attack seems to have carried of to Ubuntu

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    Windows 10 was owned attack seems to have carried of to Ubuntu

    Hello, I am not a security expert, I am fairly computer literature, and will give a rundown of what has happened to my machine.

    1 - My computer started life as an off the shelf purchase that was running Windows 7.
    2 - Somewhere along the way I was targeted by a nefarious person, and my computer was owned, and I was exposed to all of the horrors associated with that.
    3 - Things evolved into a bizarre situation, and my life turned into something straight out a Black Mirror episode (and things continue to be this way)

    To get rid of the hack I have taken the following steps:
    4 - Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I did a total hard drive wipe, and did not bring over any files. Made new usernames and passwords. Ran a firewall, and a live anti-virus/malware. Did not go to any suspicious websites, or click any links. Even clinking on an image from a google images search result was above my risk tolerance.
    5 - After all of this, and numerous resets of Windows 10 my computer was still owned.
    6 - Snowden recommended that I switch over to Linux (Yes, that Snowden, and that isn't remotely close to how insane this story gets.)
    7 - A few days ago I switched over to Ubuntu. I nuked Windows 10 from my machine, and did another hard drive wipe for the Ubuntu install.
    8 - I made more new usernames, and passwords, and have been diligent about not putting my computer at risk while I become familiar with Ubuntu.
    9 - I could try another clean install of Ubuntu, however my guess is that the moment I log into the desktop there will be somebody looking over my shoulder.

    I have only been on Ubuntu for three days. Prior to that everything was Windows, but this hack has been going on for several years. If you want my guess there is some sort of Pegasus level attack happening to my machine. The people that are interested in invading my privacy do have the financial resources, and expertise to pull off something that elaborate.

    Please help!

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    Re: Windows 10 was owned attack seems to have carried of to Ubuntu

    Do you use wifi or bluetooth? Don't.
    Is your home router patched? If it hasn't been patched in the last month, then consider that it is out-of-date and a new router that can be easily maintained should be used.
    Do you have a tablet or smart phone? Do you connect either to your home network? Don't.
    Are their any other devices on the home network that aren't secured and patched? Do you have any IoT stuff?

    It is very unlikely that Ubuntu, in a default configuration, behind a secure, patched, router will be hacked.

    You haven't provided any proof that Ubuntu is hacked at all. Complaining about Windows is non sequitur.

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    Re: Windows 10 was owned attack seems to have carried of to Ubuntu

    - Yes I use wifi. I can switch to direct connection easily enough. And I will look into steps to disable my internal network adapter.

    - My home router is from the ISP and is an all in one that includes the cable TV connection. I am not familiar with patching this router in particular, but I will look into it and contact my ISP.

    - I do have tablets, and phones that are connected to the home wifi. This is going to be a problem for me because there are other people under the same roof that need them to be connected to the internet. Maybe I can create a guest network on my router, and have my PC as the only thing connected to that.

    - Other devices that aren't secured or patched? There are 2 work issued laptops, and 2 work issued iphones. I am by far the most tech savy person in this house, but the others do install updates on their devices when prompted.

    I will get an ethernet cable, disable my wireless adapter, setup a guest network on the router. See what there are in terms of router patches. Then I will do a clean install of Ubuntu. Shutting off the wifi entirely isn't going to be an option for me. May I ask why I need to do away with wifi?

    As for proof that I have been hacked, I wish I could copy and paste a log that is definitive proof, but I am just not that familiar with Ubuntu at the moment. As a result of this hack my life has been made very bizarre. I mentioned that my situation has garnered the attention of Edward Snowden, but it gets way more insane than that. What has happened to my computer has made it all the way up to the highest office in the entire world, and has gained attention from the wealthiest people in the world including Elon Musk, and that is probably the extent of how insane my story gets without going into too much detail.

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    Re: Windows 10 was owned attack seems to have carried of to Ubuntu

    You are telling me that troubles on a random person's home machine, troubles which you have yet to prove, has the attention of the likes of Musk, Snowden and "the highest office in the entire world"?

    I suspect that your issues are outside of our bailiwick and far beyond our capacity to help.

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