The latest version of Claws Mail for Ubuntu is 3.17.8 , shown at

I'd like to bring that up to the latest version (see, as 3.17.8 was released a year ago, plus there are issues/problems with remaining on GTK+ 2 in respect of the plugins. I see there is a developers mailing list at

Is this possible ? What are the procedures and protocols ? How will a GTK+ 3 version of Claws affect people still using GTK+ 2 ? Does that indicate two releases ? How does a new version affect the different releases of Ubuntu in respect of dependencies, etc ? Also what about the 'flavours' ? Like I use Kubuntu, etc,etc

Maybe I should obtain the necessary advice, build the version 4 Claws for Ubuntu and make it as a PPA, rather than an official package ?

Lots of questions. Maybe I should ask them on the developers list ?