My DELL Vostro 3500 laptop has been the heart of my scientific consulting business for well over a decade. I added Ubuntu in 2014 and sm currently running 21.04 with Evolution 3.40.0-1 as the email client. Laptop is still dual-boot with Win XP Pro SP3. Earlier this year, I had the SSD replaced by a local computer shop and disk space no longer an issue. What I am looking for is a newer (not necessarily new) laptop that has 16 or more GB RAM and is sufficiently similar in architecture that all I need to use it is put my current SSD in it and I am back in operation. Cost is not an issue, compatibility, size of screen (at least 15 inches on the diagonal), keyboard, and reliability are. Current laptop has made three trips to Asia and numerous trips to Europe. The only critical failure was of one of the original HDD, and that was replaced by a DELL service tech when I was traveling in Europe.

Your suggestions for a replacement laptop would be much appreciated.

Thank you,