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Thread: Where do I put scripts to make them work?

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    Re: Where do I put scripts to make them work?

    OK, I put on my thinking hat.

    I'll leave this script in /usr/local/sbin for several reasons:
    1: it's a script for the main/sudo user only, and all other settings for this user are also in /usr/share. "Normal" users have their settings in $HOME subdirs.
    2: it's a sudo script, which tells me that sbin, not bin is the right place.
    3: there must be a reason that /usr/local/sbin exists (a bit weak, but...)

    Other scripts that are for all/other users and do not need sudo rights I'll have to think about.

    Thanks for your help everybody.
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    Re: Where do I put scripts to make them work?

    Put your personal scripts in either `~/.local/share/bin` or `~/bin`.

    Put scripts that need to be available to any user in the system in `/usr/local/bin`. `/usr/local/sbin` indeed is a suited location for your custom administrative scripts.
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