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Thread: ssh lost connection to remote system

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    ssh lost connection to remote system


    I've been using ssh with rdiff-backup to backup data from a client (running 20.04) to a server (running 20.04).

    There is ore than enough space (>1TB) on a hard drive that is mounted on the server to store the data on the client.

    However, the server itself has only 250Gb of storage.

    Here is what is happening:

    • I get a message on the server that the connection to the client is lost, and
    • I find that the directory where the mount point is has filled up with data... and consumed almost all of the 250Gb of storage on the server.

    I'm pretty sure the mount is set up correctly:
    • the server "user" owns the mount point and the directory /mnt/dirname , and
    • the sever "user" has read, write, and execute privileges at the mount point.

    The command issued on the server to run rdiff-backup is routine:
    rdiff-backup clientname@ipaddress::/home/clientname /mnt/dirname

    I am certain that ssh was working: Immediately before issuing the rdiff-backup command, I issued:
    ssh clientname@ipaddress
    and I saw the clients home directory there... with all the usual directories.

    What did I do wrong?

    Old Jimma

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    Re: ssh lost connection to remote system

    Hi there,

    You have two colons in the command you posted. I don't know if this is a typo or not, however.

    rdiff-backup clientname@ipaddress::/home/clientname /mnt/dirname
    Have you verified the directory you are copying files to is actually mounted on the server? I've run into issues where I thought something was mounted, but it was not mounted.

    You can verify the mount via a couple of ways by running these commands on the server.

    This will return all your mountpoints, which might be hard to filter as it can be a huge list.

    mountpoint /path/to/mountpoint
    This will return one of two things, either "/path/to/mountpoint is not a mountpoint" or "/path/to/mountpoint is a mountpoint"
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