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Thread: UBUNTU 18.04 Server Bionic Beaver SSH Cloud access

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    UBUNTU 18.04 Server Bionic Beaver SSH Cloud access

    Hello Guys,

    i am new in this forum. I am really in need of your help on setting up my xeon hpe server which i installed Ubuntu 18.04.5 Lts server bionic beaver i want to be able to access the server online remotely via SSH and also i want to assign a static IP to it so that users can be able to access my application at

    please assist me how i can go about this. I would really appreciate if there can be one who can help..

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    Re: UBUNTU 18.04 Server Bionic Beaver SSH Cloud access

    Thread moved to Server Platforms.

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    Re: UBUNTU 18.04 Server Bionic Beaver SSH Cloud access

    There are a number of considerations for you here:

    1. For SSH access to your server, you need to open a port in your firewall (hardware or software) - it's also a good idea to use a non-default port, and to have access restrictions (i.e. only from certain IP ranges etc.)
    2. Per the above, you should secure your SSH connection as good as possible - for instance see "Tweak #4" in this video
    3. Getting a static IP address is a concern between you and your ISP - and that's if they offer that option at all
    4. Alternatively, you can use Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to set to your current IP address - this will require setup with a DNS provider
    5. You should also consider setting up a reverse proxy with SSL certificates, so your domain will be instead of - for this I use Nginx Proxy Manager
    6. Consider running your services with Docker and Portainer - this makes everything much easier (for me at least)

    Also, is there any specific reason you installed 18.04 instead of 20.04 (I'm just curious)?
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