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Thread: Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

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    Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

    I had used the software below in another OS

    Have any software that does the same feature in Ubuntu ?
    The LCD monitor use VGA cable.

    Thanks for reply.

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    Re: Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

    gddccontrol might be what you are looking for. I personally have never used it, so use at your own risk. In fact, if you try it, please report back on how it works!

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    Re: Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

    If software doesn't exist, you can create multiple text config files (whichever are needed for the different settings), then swap those in using a script. While I don't do it for video settings, I do for /etc/hosts contents.

    I have 2 (or more) files that get copied into the main file when needed, then the subsystem that needs that config file gets restarted or sent a -HUP signal (that tells most daemon processes to re-read config files).

    An overly simple script:

    #  The files are in /etc/, so normal userids cannot change/cp/mv/rm them
    if [ $(id -u) -ne 0 ] ; then
        echo ERROR: Must run with sudo/root.
        exit 5
    # look for "lan" as the first parameter
    if [ "$1" == "lan" ] ; then
     echo cp $FILE1 $TARGET
    else  # anything except lan gets file2
     echo cp $FILE2 $TARGET
    To use it,

    $ sudo  ~/bin/myscript lan
    cp /etc/hosts.lan /etc/hosts
    $ sudo  ~/bin/myscript w
    cp /etc/ /etc/hosts
    You can get fancy and use getopts (built-in bash) and support lots of options just like all the other command-line tools. You could have the script look at the current file, and toggle the other file without too much trouble. Just diff on one of them and if they match, it then copy the other file in. If the test file didn't match, copy it into the main file location. Then create a .desktop file and hook that into your menu. Not hard at all, in under 512 bytes. That's efficient compared to any fancy GUI tool.

    Bash has a menu system built-in too, so if you don't want to force a command line option, but have a menu to choose options from, that's possible. Look up the select built-in function.

    So, if you connect different xorg files and xrandr commands, there is very little that cannot be accomplished. Of course, this doesn't work for Wayland. I haven't any clue about Wayland, except that it isn't X11 and doesn't use the normal X config files.
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    Re: Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

    As somebody who uses ddccontrol to switch the input of my external monitor back and forth between my laptop and my Raspberry Pi and has played around with gddccontrol a bit I can tell you that it does the job. One thing you should know: since DDC and DDC/CI is (as far as the hardware implementation is concerned) an i2c bus you need to be able to read and write /dev/i2c-*. You must either run (g)ddccontrol with elevated privileges (sudo or pkexec) or add your account to the group 'i2c'.



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