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Thread: Ubuntu 21.04 installer hangs on install

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    Ubuntu 21.04 installer hangs on install

    HP tg01-1160xt
    Integrated GPU - (originally configured with external, was removed)
    HDMI out
    Custom motherboard - unknown

    Booting for USB, made several different times with different USB using different apps (rufus, unetbootin, etc).

    Tried 21.04 as well as the newest alpha, can't seem to progress past the selection point in GRUB - doesn't matter what I choose. Shows Ubuntu logo beneath HP logo and then hangs. Seems like graphics is hanging and I suspect everything else is still working. When showing text in boot process it seems to hang at random moments as well. Disabled fastboot, secure boot, nomodeset added, etc. Tried another monitor, doesn't make difference. Came with Win10 which works fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Ubuntu 21.04 installer hangs on install

    Have you turned off Optane or Intel RST and set drives to AHCI?

    HP 15 disable Optane &
    HP 17-BY4063CL Laptop shows UEFI screens, needed 21.04 since new Intel chip

    See also list of common issues:
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