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Thread: Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)

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    Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)


    Having already several computers running Ubuntu/Lubuntu, I am rather ok with the installation of Lubuntu alongside with Windows. But, today, I am stuck and would love the advice of the community!

    I am trying to have Lubuntu alongside Windows 8.1 on a laptop with no native screen (broken a few years ago and completely removed), for which I use a VGA screen.
    - Laptop is : HP Notebook 650 PC (2017)
    - Runs Win 8.1 fine with display on external VGA
    - I use my Live USB with Lubuntu 20.04 for the installation (have used it for other installation)

    What I have done so far :
    - prepared and shrinked Windows : OK
    - used the available space to install Lubuntu. Since it is EFI, it seems that I did not have to create a separate partition for boot)
    - installed Lubuntu : everything went smoothly. No errors, it seems installed OK.

    My issue is that it always start Windows.
    I have no screen until Windows is started, so :
    • I can not see the BIOS
    • I can not see if Windows boot manager displays or not

    What I have done so far :
    - tried to force the BIOS to use my external display (so I could at least view something and work from there!). None of the tricks I came across worked to force the display on the VGA screen.
    - ran grub-repair. There was a message mentioning that "Secure boot" was enabled. I forced the update of the BIOS and it seems to have disabled the secure mode.
    - ran a second time grub-repair to get the report.

    I paste here :
    - the info I get from grub-repair :
    - the boot repair summary after running the recommended repair :

    I am reaching the limit of my knowledge on this topic and would like your help if possible.

    What I would wish ideally : being able to choose between Lubuntu and Windows, with Lubuntu as default.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)

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