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Thread: Please assist with getting Psiphon Server running

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    Please assist with getting Psiphon Server running

    Lately I have become dependent on Psiphon as my go to VPN product when I am out and about, as it allows unlimited uninterrupted internet on my mobile device. I have since taken out a VPS package, and was looking at setting up my own Psiphon sever, so I can connect to my own personal internet on the go, however details on that are sketchy. Here is a link to the Github page <url snipped>, and the only link which seemed to offer what I am looking for <url snipped> but it seems to slip up at the first curl command. I am running Ubuntu across all of my Linux VPS instances. Once the server instance is set up, I would then have to get an Android client running, which also seems just as difficult, however if I am able to this off the effort would be worth it. I would also need assistance with getting the Android version of Psiphon server core running.

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    Re: Please assist with getting Psiphon Server running

    We do not support the circumvention of the laws of any jurisdiction. Psiphon is specifically designed for censorship circumvention in localities where such is imposed.

    We are not in the business of helping people get arrested and imprisoned.

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