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Thread: Xubuntu 20.04.03 USB freezes at startup

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    Xubuntu 20.04.03 USB freezes at startup

    Hi all,

    I want to test the Xubuntu 20.04.3 on my Toshiba Satellite L50-b-24x, but the whole system freezes just after loading the graphical environment (wallpapers, icons...). I mean it doesn't react to inputs and the clock is frozen as well.
    I tried rebooting several times.
    As far as I understand, there aren't error messages while booting.
    Currently I'm using Xubuntu 18.04 but in the past I installed both Mint 17 and Ubuntu 16.04, so I'm quite sure this isn't an hardware compatibility issue.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Xubuntu 20.04.03 USB freezes at startup

    Is it UEFI or Legacy Boot?

    At the Grub menu, press <E>. Go down to the line that starts with "linux" and <Right-Arrow> over to where it says "quiet"... delete that word and replace with "nomodeset"...

    Press <Cntrl><X> to continue the boot process...

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