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Thread: how to read contents of sdb1

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    how to read contents of sdb1

    I have two harddrives installed and am trying to read the contents of my sdb1 harddrive. I have unbuntu installed on sda
    This is what happens when I try to mount sdb1

    sudo mkdir /mnt/sdb1 (cannot create directory file exists)
    sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 (already mounted on /mnt/sdb1)

    Since the drive is already mounted, I then type ls and press enter (to display the directories on the sdb1 drive)
    but this is the directory list for what is on the first drive - bin, boot, cdrom, dev, dir1, etc, hdd, home, home.orig, lib, lib32, lib64..............................


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    Re: how to read contents of sdb1

    ford12; Hello - Welcome to the Forum

    As you say:
    Since the drive is already mounted, I then type ls and press enter
    then I do expect "ls" to direct to sda as that, I think, is your PWD (present working directory).

    Explicitly -
    what results with sdb1 mounted from terminal commands:
    sudo fdisk -lu
    ls -al /mnt/sdb1
    code tag tutorial:

    whereas I can also anticipate that access to the file system on sdb1 will have to be changed to "you".

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    Re: how to read contents of sdb1

    Is sdb1 the label of this second drive? Normally sdb1 would indicate the first partition on sdb. I assume that sdb1 is the label. You have mounted the drive in /mnt/.

    Open the terminal and change directory like this

    cd /mnt/sdb1
    now run the ls command.

    For information purposes: when we access a partition using the file manager it gets mounted at /media/.

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