i'm trying to find a linux type OS that works more like windows does so when i need to install or run a program i do not have to spend hours keyboarding to get it to run.
Are you talking about native Linux applications or Windows applications? Linux is not Windows. Windows applications cannot be installed on Linux except as I describe below. Installation of applications in most distros, as mentioned above, is point-and-click in most cases, although some applications are not available in any given distribution's package databases for any number of reasons. You might even be able to use some Windows apps using either Wine or Mono, but that is hit or miss. Not all applications work equally well.

i see linuxfx and also robolinux they say runs like windows and even can run windows type programs.
Those distributions do not run Windows programs natively. They each include a pre-configured Virtual Machine application onto which you may install Windows. There are a number of VM applications, such as VMWare, Xen and VirtualBox. All Linux versions contain in their kernels KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) into which Windows can be installed. I have such a Windows virtual machine on this computer even now, along with eleven others. To run a virtual machine, it is not necessary to leave your Linux session, but it is necessary to start the VM and use its GUI.

Neither of those distributions does anything that Ubuntu cannot.