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Thread: Unknown display

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    Unknown display

    Hello fellow homans.

    I'm trying to get a gist of Linux. I've tried arch/manjaro and recently installed Ubuntu.
    Anyway, my video card driver seems to be messed up and I'm not able to adjust monitor resolution / connect to TV with extra HDMI.

    Could anyone please provide a guide how to reinstall / reset nvidia drivers?
    I've googled and tried some xrandr commands, to no prevail.
    I downloaded a driver from - but I'm not sure how run the installer on this OS.

    I really dont want to reinstall. Any help is much appreciated!

    Geforce 1070.

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    Re: Unknown display

    I fixed it guys. Unplugged HDMI to TV, shutdown.
    Start Ubuntu - standard monitor suddenly works.
    Plug in HDMI to TV, all good.

    Thanks all.


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