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Thread: Can't change keyboard layout

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    Question Can't change keyboard layout


    I'm trying to toggle between English (US) and Thai keyboard layouts in Ubuntu 21.04. I have both set up in the "Region & Language" options in the settings, and I set "Super+Space" to toggle between them.

    The language indicator applet correctly shows the languages changing between "US" and "TH", but it hasn't actually done anything - I'm still typing in English regardless. I have rebooted the machine.

    However, if I go into the options and manually re-order the languages (dragging Thai to be above English US), I'm typing in Thai as expected - so the Thai language definitely works. But it's obviously very inconvenient to do this. It's just the language switcher that isn't working I think.

    Would could be going wrong here? How can I debug?

    I'm using Ubuntu Budgie if that matters.

    Thanks a lot!
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