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Thread: Ubuntu Server 20.04.02 hangs. NVME I/O error?

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 20.04.02 hangs. NVME I/O error?

    I'd check for high temperatures. Small cases don't often have great cooling and NVMe devices using an m.2 slot sometimes need a heatsink to help effectively cool them down.

    My CPU is currently +50.4°C, but under transcode loads, I've seen it as high as 95°C before it self-throttles. My m.2 SSD is currently,
    Disk: /dev/sdb
    Current Temperature:                    45 Celsius
    Under load, it runs about 10°C hotter than spinning disks do - so 55°C is about the highest I've ever seen. Some enterprise 10K rpm HDDs run hotter.
    For example, can you guess which is the enterprise disk in this list?
    Disk: /dev/sda
    Current Temperature:                    39 Celsius
    Disk: /dev/sdc
    Current Temperature:                    47 Celsius
    Disk: /dev/sdd
    Current Temperature:                    35 Celsius
    Disk: /dev/sde
    Current Temperature:                    38 Celsius
    Disk: /dev/sdf
    Current Temperature:                    34 Celsius
    Disk: /dev/sdg
    Current Temperature:                    33 Celsius
    Hint, none are SSDs.

    If a name-brand SSD doesn't support SMART, there is definitely a connectivity issue. Kingston will support SMART. BTW, new, reputable, SSDs fail from time to time within the first few months. All storage fails, so having backups really isn't optional for anything you don't want to lose. A 2TB USB3 spinning disk is just $50, so there is little chance that the time needed to recreate that data will be less than $50 of your time and effort. Especially if you actually got a 2TB SSD for media serving? Srsly? No need regardless of the media involved. A cheapo external USB2 HDD would almost certainly be faster than needed to provide streaming 4K videos to the house.

    Page faults can be caused by bad RAM. If you had a Ryzen, I'd say to stick with DOCP settings, but back off on the speed a few hundred Mhz to get a stable setup and perhaps raise the voltage +0.05V. With Intel, all I can say is to run memtest for at least 24 hours straight.

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 20.04.02 hangs. NVME I/O error?

    Like I said, the ramp up to those in his logs, look like they start as memory leakage errors... Which then turns to paging... then kernel panic.

    And for Plex... LOL. My son and I both do. Not a lot of load demand or blazing speed needed. His is on a Raspberry Pi with some old portable USB2.0 2.5" HDD's. Mine run's in background on one of my servers. I forget most of the time that it is even there.
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