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Thread: My Love . . . for once and always.

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    Wink My Love . . . for once and always.

    The creaters of ubuntu.

    It was a January night when our little date started on a live boot. I live in a city, known as the city of colleges(educational institutes would be a more generic term to use) in Maharashtra. What an irony, the city of ed. inst has an avg. literacy rate of 86 %, a place with more colleges than the number of students.
    Anyway, our first date was okay-ish. Not to bad nor too good, with some cons and pros. The venue(i.e. the device) was somewhat dark with flickering LEDs. It seemed like a low standard place but still it had its own charm. The best thing about it was that it was old with everything organized well , unlike the new “Bistros”(slim-gaming laptops(hot-but-useless(pun-intended))).
    The waiters and the waitresses(system_calls()) were professional and served well. A few things signaled the memory of Hogwarts with their wizardry(for e.g sudo apt) which was not truly magic but science I didn’t understood at that point.
    After the first date their was a lot of confusion as always. It is always difficult to sleep during the first few hours of laying on the bed with empty thoughts and lot of confusion. Though, I paved my way through this forest of different feelings and proposed my first love ubuntu with an installation space on my heart.
    During my relationship I admired other hotties(kernel auditing linux, parrotos, fedora)with utmost amaze in my eyes. Just like every other relationship there was a time when ours was vulnerable. And I slipped the edge which held me with my partner, I slipped and slipped hard from the peak of our hillock to reach into the valley of illusions where there were manyy trap-flowers which released toxins that would make the inhaler fall in obsession with them. I felt too night in and day out with them but then came the winter and I came to my senses that’s when I climbed back to my partner and apologised for everything I had forced it to go through. Every now and then ubuntu saved me and had forgiven me for my mistakes, mistakes with catastrophic consequences(fskchk up partition-tables).
    Till today ubuntu has showed me its different forms and I feel privileged, now more than ever to have received you in my life. And now I feel I am ready to conquer the world for you.

    I am obsessed with you till my last breath.

    Love is a word and you my friend ubuntu have given it the true meaning.
    I have fallen for you.
    In true obsession
    Yours and only yours

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    Re: My Love . . . for once and always.

    The creators of Ubuntu do not visit this forum but I moved your thread to the cafe sub-forum.

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    Wink Re: My Love . . . for once and always.

    Obsessed with us?! Now I've seen everything! I've an everex® TC2502 in name only (originally equipped with a VIA® pc2500 with 1.5 GHz C-7D and planar UniChrome GPU) under gOS 1.0.1, supported under the since-desupported Gutsy repositories), having replaced the guts of the system in 2010; I HAD to take it down early 2021 when the Super-I/O on the GIGABYTE® GA-MA78GM-S2HP V2.0 (2.3 GHz Advance Micro Devices® Athlon 64® 3500+™, ATi® RS780/SB700 chipset with 64-bit Radeon HD GPU) refused to recognize i8042 keyboards during, therefore failed to complete, power-on self-test (see "Hot Rod gPC down, need motherboard"). I've backup comm with the Forums via an ASUS® CM1630-06 (2.8 GHz Advance Micro Devices® Athlon II® x2 220, ATi® RS760/SB710 chipset; ASUS® EAH6850DC/2DIS/1GD5 (Advance Micro Devices BARTS PRO 256-bit GPU, 1 GiB GDDR5 VRAM), Creative Laboratories® SB1550 (Creative Technology CA10300-IAT DSP)) running Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.19042.1165 (as of 9 September 2021).
    nVIDIA® nForce® chipsets require discrete GPU's up to Pascal and appropriate nVIDIA Kernel modules.
    Most intel® ExpressSets™ and AMD® RS-Series are fully supported in open source.

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