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Thread: GUI Desto builder from configured installation?

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    GUI Desto builder from configured installation?

    Hi all,

    are there any recent/current GUI based desto builders that will capture a configured installation and create a bootable and installable ISO from that installation?

    I've looked at PinguyBuilder and it doesnt install on 20.04 as it is reliant on old dependencies. I've also found Novo Builder but it seems to have have been abandoned many years ago. I've read of similar packages for Fedora based installs but nothing that is recent for Ubuntu. I am aware of UCK and some earlier Ubuntu tools but they have also been deprecated.

    I've also seen a few scripts that are CLI only but am wanting to use a GUI for this task.

    So do any such packages exist for Ubuntu type of installs?


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    Re: GUI Desto builder from configured installation?


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