Last time I used Puppy Linux was in Jan 2008 (Puppy 4.0). Afterwards Puppy Linux was being built in many flavours one of them built software repos from Ubuntu for apps. Then came UEFI and I thought Puppy Linux could not be used on UEFI machines.

Recenly I downloaded Fossapup64 9.5 iso, copied vmlinuz, initrd.gz and the four .sfs files on Fossapup directory on Ubuntu 20.04 partition, added following lines to /etc/grub.d/40_custom:
menuentry 'Fossapup64 9.5' {
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 1e364a7e-9e6d-468a-99a2-404936a14d59
linux /Fossapup/vmlinuz pfix=nocopy pmedia=atahd psubdir=Fossapup 
initrd /Fossapup/initrd.gz 
updated grub and booted into Fossapup Desktop.

I appended pfix=nocopy to linux command because I wanted to add Gnucash and Libreoffice to frugal installation.

I was surprised to find flatpak in the Puppy Package Manager. I installed flatpak and Gnucash 4.6 in it. I could open my .gnucash file on Ubuntu partition which was already mounted for using Fossapup folder. It worked nicely with Stocks/MFs getting updated with Finance:Quote.

For Libreoffice I found the menu item Menu/Document/Get_Libreoffice_download_and_install_Libreoffice and installed Libreoffice 7.2.

I installed Firefox from quickpet and I could update it to Firefox 92 through Help/About_Firefox.

I could make the Sound work through Alsa_Sound_Wizard/Soundcard_wizard.

As I use Hindi/Marathi typing I added India Keyboard and installed fonts-indic and fbxkb (Keyboard Indicator) from Puppy Package Manager.

I could adjust backlight through Menu/Desktop/Redshift.

I installed Aisleriot and Mahjongg games.

In fact every thing I could set to my liking in the JWM Desktop.

Fantastic progress by Puppy Linux.