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Thread: Dell P2418HZm microphone not detected

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    Dell P2418HZm microphone not detected


    I have two Dell notebooks with Mate 20.04 working perfectly as stand alone machines. However, whenever I connect the Dell P2418HZm monitor to either of them, its microphone doesn't always work with communication apps such as Skype (mostly), Google Chrome (many times) and Zoom (rarely). By playing randomly with "pavucontrol" inputs tab, sometimes the mic gets back to work - but it is not clear how it happens. The microphone embedded to the notebooks are not affected by this problem. Audio from loudspeakers do work quite well.

    On Windows, the monitor works seamlessly and smoothly with any app.

    The problem has been observed since a couple of months at least.

    Would appreciate any advise / fix for that.

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