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Thread: Encrypted Synology Raid1 to Ubuntu

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    Encrypted Synology Raid1 to Ubuntu

    Hello ubuntu community,

    I had a hardware failure on Synology DS920+ Friday morning which has all my work data. In my discovery and trouble shooting my best suspect was motherboard or power supply unit. I quickly found that both were proprietary and that i had no local option to replace or troubleshoot this device at which point i scrambled for an ultimate change of operation.

    Issue needing resolved:
    I decided to follow the recovery instructions from Synology which worked, however i have no way to read the individual folders (3) within the mounted drive as they are encrypted. I cannot find a guide that helps me apply the encryption code/key, to allow me to read the files.The entire disk is not encrypted, only the 3 folders, all part of Volume_1, which coincidentally is the entire data set i need to access and all share the same encryption key.

    End goal:
    Ultimately i want to migrate this data to operate with Ubuntu Desktop in a server setup which i would access within my network as i did the Synology and also with a ISP IPv4 VPN access. I am far from advanced enough to run Ubuntu server which i understand lacks a UI i would remotely be familiar with.

    Your help in access to this data is most appreciated. If i need to add another disk to decrypt the data to that would not be any issue.

    Thank you!

    Synology to ubuntu recovery instructions -
    Ubuntu USB Boot creation -
    Old command 'ecryptfs' - (cannot find suitable replacement to try)
    Reading on LUKS (I cannot understand this or get any luks commands to function)

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    Re: Encrypted Synology Raid1 to Ubuntu

    however i have no way to read the individual folders (3) within the mounted drive as they are encrypted.
    And what mechanism are they encrypted with?

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