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Thread: Deja Dup

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    Deja Dup

    I have just tried to restore some files via Deja Dup. They should have been backed up via the Folders to save options. The backed up files available to restore are dated as May.

    I have looked at the folders to save and to ignore settings. There is no obvious reason for the files to have been overlooked. Scheduling is Daily. I have assumed that DDup will go down all sub directories off the folders to save. Am I correct?

    The files were in a sub director accessed via /media/robin/data_sdde/private/...

    Any ideas why the files were not available to restore?

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    Re: Deja Dup

    DejaDup probably works for most people and it is maintained, but I found weird issues, similar to what you seem to be complaining about.

    As far as I can remember, DejaDup only runs when the user is logged in - it will not do a backup in the background, unattended, with the user logged out.

    Anyhoo, you can also look at the backup set with the regular file explorer and what is there, is all there is.
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