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Thread: Wireless adapter TL-WN725N V3 adapter is so slow

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    Wireless adapter TL-WN725N V3 adapter is so slow

    Hello, recently I bought a new pc with TP Link TL-WN725N V3 in it as the wifi adapter. I installed the driver from The device managed to connect but the problem is, the signal strength is too low so it took a long time to load "simple" site like & yes its far slower than my laptop even though my PC and laptop are connected in same network & the same place. Can anyone figure out what's the problem is? I'm using kubuntu 20.04

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    Re: Wireless adapter TL-WN725N V3 adapter is so slow

    I am not familiar with that adapter, that chipset or the driver you used but since nobody else is jumping in, I'll throw what I know out...

    It could be a low signal strength issue or a congestion problem or both (or other things for that matter). If it was me, I would install a WiFi Analyzer app on my phone to see what the congestion is like on the channel in use. Maybe a different channel is less congested and you can change the channel in your router. If the router is set to 40 MHz or 40/20 mixed channel width, I would change it to 20 fixed.

    If you are interested in information about wifi adapters that are well supported with in-kernel drivers (plug and play) go to this site:

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