I wanted to know how Arch feels so I used it for 6- months but now I am back home.

Under Arch I found the kernel called Hardened Kernel. I was using this kernel the whole time.


Hardened — A security-focused Linux kernel applying a set of hardening patches to mitigate kernel and userspace exploits. It also enables more upstream kernel hardening features than linux.
Has anyone here installed the Hardened Kernel under Ubuntu ? Is it even possible to install the hardened kernel under Ubuntu ? I searched the repo but found nothing.

$ apt search hardened
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golang-github-bmatsuo-lmdb-go-dev/focal,focal 1.8.0+git20170215.a14b5a3-2 all
  Bindings for the LMDB C library

mrb/focal,focal 0.3 all
  Manage incremental data snapshots with make/rsync

mz/focal 0.40-1.1build3 amd64
  versatile packet creation and network traffic generation tool

ntpsec/focal 1.1.8+dfsg1-4build1 amd64
  Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs

ntpsec-doc/focal,focal 1.1.8+dfsg1-4build1 all
  Network Time Protocol documentation

ntpsec-ntpdate/focal 1.1.8+dfsg1-4build1 amd64
  client for setting system time from NTP servers

ntpsec-ntpviz/focal 1.1.8+dfsg1-4build1 amd64
  NTP statistics graphing utility

python3-ntp/focal 1.1.8+dfsg1-4build1 amd64
  Python 3 NTP Helper Classes