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Thread: Request for change: create forum for un-moderated speech, "Off Topic"

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    Request for change: create forum for un-moderated speech, "Off Topic"

    I've been around since 5+1/4" linux kernel installs requiring separate GNU 5+1/4" to be found elsewhere, yet never been allowed to "upload" a line of code or "join".

    I don't like the trend of "moderation" of deleting truth and awarding those trying to "sculpt and modify" truth using IP BANNING of those who challenge (the political powers at largess). And who ... wait: I will stop there since I will be following forum rules.

    I think it's fine to "require most all threads be clean and on topic" and even "not derogetory toward maintainors or their pets".

    I do not think it's right to completely block all free speech. Especially not on a system built on the back of persons never paid for coding that often used and still use government grant moneys to create their bubble of "enterprise".

    There should be at least one thread where anyone can discuss politics in any manner they please. More than one if a few topics within are needed to separate the mindless and the serious.

    I can do nothing about it but suggest a different course of action since I am not (I will not politically name who is responsible).

    I also note: the forums are running really really slow from here on the eastern side of USA. 10 seconds just to refresh or view the list of topics main page.

    I say that because Ubuntu has new written politicies which spell out "they have total control over privacy. IP property, total control over speech", and other things I should not further list in a moderated channel in the Install and New User agreements, and on the forum duplicately also: including threats to IP BAN any they please for crossing any political line inconvenient to "those with power" - or possibly just those with mental grudges.

    It's just not appropriate for Ubuntu News Government to all control every speech on all platforms. There should be free speech - just not "anywhere and everywhere" of course, if you please. I'm referring to news sites, twitter, facebook, and the rest of the lot: ubuntu is only one in the list of.

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    Re: Request for change: create forum for un-moderated speech, "Off Topic"

    that was a petition - i don't plan to troll this post or answer it, thank you

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    Re: Request for change: create forum for un-moderated speech, "Off Topic"

    This is a moderated forum and the Staff exercises editorial control.

    Your free speech is not being abridged, as we do not stop you from going to any street corner you choose to state your views.

    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines

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