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Thread: To make a hi-res screenshot with Imagemagick

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    To make a hi-res screenshot with Imagemagick

    Used Gnome-screenshot a lot but it only provides a low-res png; so reading around found there is functionality on Gimp to produce a tiff screenshot but it is clumsy as it cannot be used from command line and there is need to open the full GUI first; so reading further there is Imagemagick

    sudo apt install imagemagick

    Now then I want it to produce an image in tiff in the 10MB range so I have detail on it; something I can then work with
    Thing is if you use it from command line with no time delay it will also shoot your terminal .... NOT optimal; so there use the sleep program

    Set on desktop what you want shot then give yourself time to get terminal out of the way; anytime you want it back enter CTRL+R in terminal and type screen or sl if you have not got anything else starting with that ... and there a fairly supple hi-res screenshot easily obtained

    sleep 5s &&  import -window root Desktop/Screenshot.tiff #screen
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