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Thread: I need to learn me something.

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    Question I need to learn me something.


    Just got 21.04. I am very new to CLI. Any literature recommendations so I can quickly get up to speed and understand why my peripherals won't work?


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    Re: I need to learn me something.

    Which peripherals won't work and we can maybe advise

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    Re: I need to learn me something.

    One of the things I like very much about Ubuntu is the fact that I can do nearly everything through utilities/applications that come as standard with Ubuntu and I hardly ever need to use the command line interface.

    Over the years I have learnt several commands that I find useful but I like Ubuntu because the developers and maintainers have a philosophy that "Ubuntu is for Humans."

    We have the Ubuntu Desktop Guide. Click on the icon of a blue circle with a white question mark ( ? ). This forum exists so that more experienced Ubuntu users can assist less experienced users. I have learnt a lot from this forum. Here is a link to a Ubuntu tutorial called The Linux Command line for beginners.

    Please read section 7 - The Command line and the Superuser. We can do a lot of damage to an operating system using the command line. We need a clear understanding of how Ubuntu tries to limit the potential for doing damage with the use of the word "sudo" as a prefix for certain commands.

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    Re: I need to learn me something.

    Check the link on bottom line.

    The Linux Command Line at

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