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Thread: Do Dependencies of Wine Collect Things?

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    Do Dependencies of Wine Collect Things?

    Does Wine and it's dependencies collect things?

    Like Windows, does Wine collect things such as "Recently Viewed, System logs, Temporary Files and folders, etc"?

    Do the dependencies collect things such as application logs?

    Will terminal commands "clean up" the cache's and such that come with Wine and it's dependencies and applications?
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    Re: Do Dependencies of Wine Collect Things?

    whatever the applications is writing it is "collected" on your drive. for exmaple i use play on liux and anything that goes into "my documents" is actually in documents folder in Home

    i don't think there is a clean up cache command. i know there is wine reboot. maybe there is also some temp files removal. you can open emulated desktop under wine and see what options it has.
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