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Thread: cookies toggle not clear

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    cookies toggle not clear

    i am new to Linux and very glad to be migrating here. i would like describe a cookies issue. it is the opt in or out of certain cookies, one of the first experiences with Ubuntu. the accept-all-cookies is clear, but custom settings looks to be confusing on purpose. the 3 categories of cookies are represented with toggle switches. clicking the left side turns the switch bluer, clicking the the right side turns the switch less blue.
    my questions are does turning the switch on enable cookies or disable them? and: which way is on? i am disappointed that this lack of clarity is acceptable to Ubuntu or any people involved in the Ubuntu site welcoming new comers to Ubuntu and Linux. my disappointment is not in Ubuntu or Linux, the product but is with the welcoming of persons dissatisfied with Windows and MacOS and looking for a better more technical alternative who are greeted with this conundrum and either lack of communication skills or sophisticated skills designed to be confusing on purpose. this is the opposite of Dr Cavoukian 'privacy by design'. maybe someone could answer my questions and direct me to the Ubuntu cookies settings page which isn't popping up anymore now that i made my guesses at protecting myself from third party and performance cookies
    thanks, phil

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    Re: cookies toggle not clear

    Are you referring to the cookie settings of your web browser or of the ubuntu website? I guess the website. This is really about the website design, which has nothing to do with the Ubuntu OS. Normally, grey is off/disabled and coloured is on/enabled. On you can change it later by clicking "Manage your tracking settings" at the bottom of the page. On all sites you can use your browser settings to delete cookies; then the site has to ask again before putting new cookies on your computer.

    FYI, I configured my browser to block all third party cookies and delete all cookies when closing the browser. That gives them such a short lifetime that they aren't much of a concern, while keeping websites working. There's an EU rule that websites must ask before putting cookies on your computer, but I think it makes more sense to use browser settings for that.

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    Re: cookies toggle not clear

    thanks for the reply and questions. when 'you' go to a website now a days, often there's a disclaimer: 'this site uses cookies' when i came to this site, that is what i encountered. there's an 'accept-all-cookies' button. that is clear, click the button to accept all cookies. as i recall, there's a custom settings button. that is clear. click that to set cookies as you choose. so i clicked it. i was presented with 3 categories of cookies: essential cookies AKA cookies that are needed to visit the site. i do not think there's a toggle for those. then there's Performance Cookies. not clear. there's a sentence or 2 explaining what they are, perhaps remembers you and your password and toggle. i do not remember the third category.
    i am here in cookie land to turn off cookies. if i am presented with Performance cookies greyed out and click them and they are now blue, what have i done? instead of ONLY greying or not greying out the switch, how about a greying out AND saying 'cookies inactive'! or cookies deactivated? and when not greyed out saying Cookies are now tracking or cookies are now active. then i could set them how i want them. if you are interested in this topic, i suggest you find out how to access the UBUNTU COOKIES disclosure and opt out page.
    i totally get how Ubuntu employees and enthusiasts may have never seen the page, or saw it only once years or a year ago and either navigated it fine and never gave it a second thought or had a problem and checked some boxes and never gave it a second thought. but there should be someone there, either in the community or a Canonical employee who is either interested in this or who's job it is to welcome new people to Ubuntu. either this person doesn't know about the cookies opt out page, or knows about it and thinks it's fine or, you tell me. like code, i think words stand for something and should be used as intended to convey an intended meaning. if they are not present and should be, someone should put them in. if the wrong ones are present, someone should remove and replace them.
    i think anyone interested in this should take a look at the page in question, and they they can decide if what i wrote is a lot of hot air or if something should be done about it.
    to repeat and agree, normally greyed out is disabled, so if i go to a site to disable cookies and the site presents cookies disabled by default, is that normal? so do i leave the site as i found it with confidence that cookies are disabled by default? is that how you think it should work? i do not. i think they should also say 'cookies disabled' and 'cookies enabled'. yes it is a big deal to me. there is a mention of third party cookies on the UBUNTU cookies disclosure page too. what third parties? it is completely opaque and full of unclear statements and potential actions.
    i searched for 'ubuntu website cookies disclosure' and came upon this site: i didn't find the actual site with the toggles. at the end there's a place to complain, so i will follow up there. i am happy to discuss this further with you if you are interested and thanks again for your input and about how you set up your browser to reject cookies. i am on firefox and may have that set up too, but i will double check, thanks a lot

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    Re: cookies toggle not clear

    I would like to make a couple of things clear. I consider myself a typical member of this forum. I am a Ubuntu user and I post on this forum because I want to give something back to the Ubuntu Community. I have a tendency to defend the Ubuntu developers because I value the gift of Ubuntu and its flavours. I do understand the constraints placed upon me by the code of conduct that I signed.

    The second thing that I would like to point out is the results of my brief investigation of the subject of this thread. This is what I found.

    1) To become a member of this forum we create to have a Single Sign On account at At the very bottom of the home page is the phrase "Data Privacy". Click that link and we get taken to the Ubuntu Data Privacy statement.

    We should read this statement. Then we will clearly understand the situation we are getting involved in by using Ubuntu and visiting various Ubuntu sponsored web sites.

    2) I looked at a few Ubuntu related websites and at the very bottom of those sites was the phrase "Manage your tracker settings." Clicking that phrase and then again at the next dialog box on either of these websites will bring up a dialog box that is the same . I found that phrase at and

    We get the option to Accept All and we are told that accepting all will switch all toggles "ON." That tells me that there are privacy settings that are not enabled by default. The dialog box also gives us this information.

    Enables the site's core functionality, such as navigation, access to secure areas, video players and payments. The site cannot function properly without these cookies; they can only be disabled by changing your browser preferences.
    That seems to be the only setting that is enabled by default. Another way to prevent that cookie collecting information is not to visit any Canonical/Ubuntu sponsored website. Or, accept very limited site functionality. We have choice.

    Collects information on site usage, for example, which pages are most frequently visited.
    Recognises you when you return to our site. This enables us to personalise content, greet you by name, remember your preferences, and helps you share pages on social networks.
    There are toggles to enable these functions. They seem "greyed out" because they are on a white background. Actually they are disabled. Click on these toggles and the slider will move to the right and the space on the left will change blue. This indicates that the function is now enabled. Or, rather it would be if we click "save preferences."

    When I open system settings>WiFi I see that the Wifi adapter is activated by looking at the toggle at the top of the dialog. It also has a slider that is on the right side and the left side coloured in. This time it is purple.

    I conclude that the privacy options of Performance and Functionality are de-activated by default.

    This is the policy statement for this forum regarding Data Attribution; Retention and Privacy Policy.

    Developers of Open Source software have a long tradition for taking seriously, very seriously, the matter of privacy, data collection and data retention.

    It is a machine. It is more stupid than we are. It will not stop us from doing stupid things.
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    Re: cookies toggle not clear

    Not a request for assistance with the Ubuntu OS.

    Moved to Forum Feedback and Help.
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