I post quite a bit in an electronics design forum, very often there's a need to just sketch a quick circuit diagram and post it to the forum as an image file.

Generally such diagrams are black and white and consist of mainly straight lines, simple line-art component symbols and handwriting.

I've been trying all sorts of solutions like Gimp, snapping pics of hand-drawn diagrams with a mobile phone, trying to use a webcam, various online sketching sites etc

All have been much fiddlier and slower solutions than I've really wanted.

Easiest method I've settled on so far is to sketch my diagram on paper, and then get Mrs Nginmu to photograph it on her phone and message it to me on Facebook.

So I was looking at drawing pad devices, this brand in particular: https://www.xp-pen.com/

These claim to have support for Linux, so I thought something like that might be really easy to use (especially if I could use it by placing a sheet of plain A4 on top & just drawing with a regular biro) if I could just press a button and have a .png image sent straight to the desktop.

Does anyone have one of these devices and know if it's likely to work on Lubuntu?

Or is there anything better, simpler, more Linux-friendly anyone could recommend for the purpose?

Massively high resolution, maximal range of colours etc. aren't a priority. Ease and speed of use are.