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Thread: 14.04 - video files associations

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    Question 14.04 - video files associations

    Hi all,

    One of my machines still runs on 14.04 (lubuntu desktop), I know it's outdated and not supported anymore, but the hardware is rather old and weak, also it works just fine except one issue with video files associations.

    So, I can open vlc manually and through its menu open any video file, this works.
    I can double-click on any .ts video file in GUI file manager, this works.

    No other video file like .mpeg, .avi etc can be opened by double-click in GUI file manager. Somehow it opens terminal window instead of video player.

    Tried uninstalling vlc and installing it again. Tried installing many video players that I was able to google. No luck.

    What configuration file(s) content should I share in order to get some help from you?
    Please advise.
    Thanks for your attention.

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    Re: 14.04 - video files associations

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is in extended support and now Ubuntu 14.04 ESM and is supported by Canonical via Ubuntu Advantage


    FYI: I used devices from 2003 & newer in testing Lubuntu releases up to 19.04 (pentium 4, pentium M, pentium D etc) when 32-bit was dropped; then for subsequent 18.04 re-spins, so I can't imagine anyone is using pentium 3 or older equipment than that (though I don't think pentium III will boot anything past 11.04 anyway).

    FYI: Lubuntu support ended for 14.04 in 2017-April; 3 years only

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