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Thread: Issues after apt clean

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    Issues after apt clean


    I'm being totally honest in asking if I can get step by step instructions for the driver install, sorry!!!!

    Have only used binaries up to this point so am struggling with this process.

    Had a working system, but as part of an apt clean up the drivers I had installed were deleted???

    Can't find website I downloaded them from, maybe dead now..

    Much appreciated!!!


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    Re: Issues after apt clean

    It would probably help if you mentioned which version of Ubuntu you are using and what errors you are getting.

    It should be noted that apt clean would only remove any cached archives from /var/cache/apt/archives, not remove packages already installed.

    Did you use autoclean instead? That removed obsolete packages.

    More info here:
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    Re: Issues after apt clean

    For reference, this post was originally in another user's thread here. It has been moved to its own thread to avoid hijacking the original poster's thread.
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    Re: Issues after apt clean

    Driver install for what?


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